20 Crystall Avenue, Stourbridge

After making the big decision to have our driveway dug up and a tarmac one put down – a Google search came up with a few companies that covered the Stourbridge area. On looking at the website I decided to contact Discount Driveways – and I must say I am very happy that I did.

They came and surveyed the job and gave a quote that we were extremely pleased with. Everything was explained to us in great detail – and we felt confident that we weren’t being ‘led up the garden path’. Once the job was started – we watched in amazement at how quickly they worked, all the rubbish/waste was taken away immediately, and the work men are all friendly, polite and are happy to tell you what/how and why they are doing things. Coincidently, a neighbour was having their driveway done at the same time (by a known driveway firm) and there was no difference in the standard of work. Discount Driveways certainly gives a good discount on the price – but definitely the quality of work is First Class!! Job completed in 3 days.

At one point during the work being carried out, a row of cobbles had been laid that we hadn’t agreed on during the quote. I wasn’t sure I liked the position they were in. The boss explained why they had been put there and assured me once the tarmac was down, they would look great – but – if I wasn’t 100% happy – he would take them up. Once the driveway was finished – the cobbles looked fantastic. That showed me that this company knew exactly what they were doing.

So, if you choose these guys… get up before 7am, and order a bit more milk and get more tea bags. The rest is taken care of by them.