Mrs Wood

Not really a company for late risers, operatives were on site by 7:30, the job started with a full discussion of how the steps, borders and main area of blocks would be laid out and work started after a quick cup of tea.

The existing path and planted area were excavated until a solid foundation was reached, the bush I wanted to relocate was carefully removed and set aside for us to replant before the area was graded to consistent falls and the vertical faces of the steps were ready made. After a quick joint inspection and a couple of minor adjustments everything was ready for laying the weed suppressing membrane, forming the steps with rounded edge blocks, laying single blocks in strategic locations so the broken stone and sane base could be laid to the correct falls to give a consistent surface hen the blocks and borders were laid.

Because everything was ready the area quickly took shape as the blocks and borders were laid and well compacted into the sand base before the joints were filled with more sand and the area was finally checked.

It was very refreshing to employ a contractor who was prepared to listen to our comments at every stage, arrive on site punctually and go on with the job without demanding payments in advance. The work was complete on time and within budget and after a final joint inspection of the completed area I was very pleased to pay the agreed price.